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Income and Investment Property

     Des Moines income property          Des Moines investment property

Buying or selling Des Moines area income and investment property?

 Matt Grohe, REALTOR® Can Assist You With:

 Multi-Family Property, Foreclosures-Distressed, Tenant Occupied, Land, 1031 Exchanges


These properties fall into three general types:

Divided single family homes or Conversions are usually larger, older homes that have been sub-divided into individual apartments but may have some shared services and facilities. There are a number of these properties in central Des Moines.

Duplexes & Triplexes are generally built to operate as two or three separate homes with a shared walls.

Complexes are usually four units and up. Large complexes are often handled by commercial brokers, but smaller buildings will often be listed by residential real estate agents. It is not uncommon for these properties to never be on the direct market however, being sold instead between private parties.

There are many properties available in this class, at this writing there were 71 properties priced from $43,500 to $499,000.

Foreclosures & distressed properties

Distressed property may be:

Foreclosure property in our region often comes in the form of single family homes. These homes may include properties that are in perfect, or near perfect condition, but more often than not they are properties that have been neglected, or left behind by suburban growth. The purchase of these properties is not incredibly difficult so they offer an easy entry into the property market for newer investors or people who have construction skills and a small amount of investment capital. As of this writing there were 243 properties of this type on the local MLS, priced from $9,900 to $409,000.


Some wish to own property for tax advantages and income opportunity and are not interested in rehabbing or construction. These investors are likely to purchase a property that is currently a rental. Any home however, can be a rental. As of this writing there were 82 single family properties on the local MLS with tenants, priced from $20,000 to $379,000.


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